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SDM Financial is a CFTC regulated derivatives dealer capturing efficient digital currency market exposure
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Derivatives Made
SDM Financial is a CFTC regulated derivatives dealer, helping our clients efficiently deploy capital, manage treasury risk, and express their view. 
Derivatives Trading
Work with the industry’s most experienced counterparty.
Face a CFTC regulated entity
Onboarding <48 hours
Flexible credit & deposit solutions
Bespoke trading & product consultation
Built-in regulatory filings, and trade reporting
NDF’s & Futures
Total Return Swaps
Structured Products
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SDM Financial helps clients generate yield, express their view, and develop off-balance sheet exposure. Speak to the team today.
Leverage derivatives to express a view, manage risk, and insulate your portfolio from market downturns.
Risk Diversification
Use derivatives to manage the risk of your own portfolios, as well as the risk of your clients.
Generate Yield
Investors can collect premiums to generate additional revenue or yield. Control more assets than invested.
Investors may use derivatives as a way to speculate using leverage on future price movements of an underlying asset.
Derivatives allow you to create new investment opportunities in markets where it would be impractical to trade the underlying assets themselves.
Trading Strategies
Benefit from advanced trading techniques from industry experts, tailored to meet your specific investment goal.

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May 6, 2024
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May 6, 2024
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